History and Origins

The Stanford University Pre-Vet Society was formed almost 20 years ago by Dr. Donna M. Bouley, DVM, PhD, DACVP, (“Dr. B”), a Professor Emerita in Comparative Medicine. Dr. B. realized that Stanford undergrads interested in veterinary medicine felt somewhat isolated in a “sea” of pre-med students. It became her mission to distribute information regarding career opportunities in veterinary medicine and to provide information on the specific requirements needed to apply to the highly competitive veterinary colleges.

Since 2003, quarterly dinner meetings, field trips, individual counseling, and a series of Expos have offered Stanford’s undergraduates a way to meet, learn from, and interact with fellow pre-vet enthusiasts. Associated with the Department of Comparative Medicine, the SUPVS also draws upon the experience and background of its 11 faculty and staff veterinarians who are specialized in some of the less commonly well-known fields such as Laboratory Animal Medicine, Anatomic Pathology, or Anesthesiology.

It is the goal of the SUPVS to provide enthusiastic undergraduates with opportunities to meet departmental and local practicing veterinarians, receive guidance regarding veterinary career choices, and to share common pre-veterinary experiences.

Dr. B presenting at a Pre-Vet Expo in 2015