Alumni Testimonials

Pre-Vet Student Testimonials

We love hearing from our alumni! See below for some tips and advice they have for current Pre-Vet students. 

“The more you do to prepare for vet school before you get there, the better off you’ll be and the easier of a time you’ll have. For that reason I really recommend taking as many physiology, anatomy, and other relevant courses as you can while at Stanford.”

“I strongly recommend getting as much exposure as possible to numerous fields of veterinary medicine to learn what areas you are most interested in. Additionally, getting involved in research – even in college! – is a great way to make connections and further our field.”

“The more I talk with other vet students, the more I appreciate what Stanford gave me – as a student in general, but particularly as a pre-vet student.  Sure, I was willing to “work hard” to get to vet school, but I would’ve experienced a lot more frustration along the way without the support of the Stanford vet team.”